Developing new applications

laptop tablet and mobile devices

Our objective is to make the use of our devices as straightforward as possible for developers who are not necessarily experts at coding.

Potential applications could be anywhere from mobile based to lab based and we will make our APIs as simple as possible.

We have made some basic Android and IOS mobile application snippets and will make the code for these available to the community as “starter” apps, with the hope that users will work with us, feeding back comments and suggestions for improvement.

We are also keen for researchers to adopt the technology as it is intended to be a cost effective route to high grade motion and vibration measurement. Often those working in R&D will want to implement desktop based applications and will want the facility to both filter and analyse the raw incoming data with their own algorithms. To enable that we want to create some introductory LABVIEW graphical programmes to ease the integration of the device into your project.

For any developer questions and support please contact us directly, we’d be delighted to talk to you about what you’re working on.